New Year's Resolutions 2018

Kind of can't believe that 2017 is almost over, in one way it felt like it went really quickly but definitely at times it has felt like it has dragged on a little bit. There has been some very high highs but also some pretty big lows. I'm definitely looking forward to the new year & am hoping it is a good year. So let's get on to my goals & resolutions for the upcoming year.

1. Work On Using Up Makeup Products & Rotating My Collection
I am the worst at actually using up products, so I want to definitely focus on that in the new year. I also want to rotate my products more often particularly eyeshadow palettes. I also want to experiment more with my makeup & not just wear the same makeup look every day.

2. Focus On University & Passing Subjects
This is the year I start to really focus on university; I'm in a degree I like & I'm not really sick anymore so it is the best time for it. So hopefully this will be my year in regards to study.

3. Move Away From Home Again
I really miss the independence from not living at home, so I really want to move away again. I also much preferred living in the city compared to my smaller home town. So this is definitely a goal for the new year.

4. Purchase A New Laptop
My current laptop is slowly dying, which is to be expected as it is now over 4 years old. It keeps overheating (not helped by the summer heat) & if I accidentally press on the left lower corner it will freeze up. So I really want to work on saving up to purchase a new laptop before this one actually stops working.

5. Post Twice Weekly On The Blog
In 2017 I managed to post almost weekly except during particularly hard times in my life. I also loved attempting Blogmas but I know I couldn't be a daily blogger at the moment. So I now want to try to post twice weekly on the blog, which I think should be manageable. I'm also going to expand out of just beauty posts to do lifestyle & fashion posts.

6. Go Back To The Gym/ Exercise More
Since moving back home I have fallen off the bandwagon with exercise, due to illness & also the just the intense heat & humidity. However I want to try to exercise more & perhaps join a gym again. I will also be aiming to swim at least once a week for the remainder of summer.

So those are my goals/ resolutions for the new year, hopefully I can achieve all of them throughout the year. I feeling like 2018 is going to be a good year, if only because I'm going to the UK & France for a holiday in May which I'm so excited for as I have never been to Europe.


  1. Just found your blog, i love it! :) Happy new year.


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