A Small Sephora Haul

There is one sale that I look forward too every year (and hope it still happens) and that is the Sephora Australia Black Friday sale. Unlike the US, we don't have VIB sales so this one day a year is all we get. Which seeing as we don't have Thanksgiving is a bit of a strange day but I'm not going to turn down a sale. So let's get in to what I picked up.

Zoeva Rose Golden Vol.2 Complete Eye Set

Although I have quite an extensive makeup collection, my brush collection was definitely lacking. I didn't even have a pencil brush! So picking up this 12 piece set was my main priority for the sale. Although I didn't realise at the time, it is actually cheaper to shop from the Zoeva website so I would recommend that instead (although shipping would probably take longer). I have only used a few of the brushes so far but have loved the ones I have used.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Exorcism & Lolita

Can you believe that these are my first ever Kat Von D products? I don't know why its taken me so long to try some out. For my first ever Kat Von D products I had to pick up some of the liquid lipsticks as I had heard so much about them. Exorcism is described as a "ripe blackberry" which I fell in love with as I've been adoring darker colours recently. Lolita is a colour that I feel almost everyone in the beauty world has and I know there was a time when it was near on impossible to purchase. This is actually a colour that is quite out of comfort zone, as I don't usually wear these darker nudes (or nudes in general). I'm definitely looking forward to trying these outs.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadow in Love Letter

The Love Letter shadow is available in the Modern Renaissance palette so I would probably recommend picking up the palette instead if you want multiple of the shadows. I personally feel as if I have dupes in my collection for the rest of the shades so I decided to pick up Love Letter in a single. So far I love this single, the formula seems amazing & well pigmented. I'm excited to use this & push myself out of my comfort zone slightly.

So that is what I picked up recently from Sephora, I am definitely excited to play with these products and create some different looks especially for the festive season.


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