Christmas Wishlist: Beauty, Fashion & More

My family isn't that big into Christmas anymore since my brother & I are both now adults, so we don't really do presents that much. That doesn't mean that I can't make a Christmas Wishlist post aka everything I'll probably end up buying myself over the next year if I can afford it.

Huda Beauty Eyeshadows

The Desert Dusk palette has been on my wish list for quite a while now, the mix of purples & warm tones just calls to me. However I'm now undecided as I'm also in love with the look of the Mauve Obsessions & the Electric Obsessions. Do I need all of them? Probably not. Do I want all of them? Definitely.

Fujinon Lens XF35mmF2 R WR

I really want to invest in another lens for my camera (Fujifilm X-A3) and have been looking into lenses that work well for blog photography. I'm still looking but this lens appears to be similar to some of the commonly talked about Olympus PEN lenses used in blogging.

White Shelves

Since moving back home I have been down some storage space due to being down to one room (not a bedroom, bathroom & kitchen where I can put things), so am looking for just a simple set of shelves that I can use mainly to store books but also just some knick-knacks.

The Best Cat Tower Ever

Anyone who knows me in real life would know that Bucky, my cat, is my baby boy & I just adore him. I really want to get him a really good cat tower that he can play on & lounge around in. I don't currently have much room for a cat tower but I'm hoping I will down the line.

Red Shoes

I have 4 main colours in my wardrobe; red, blue, maroon & white. It can get a little same-y with my small wardrobe without accessories to spice things up. I would love a pair of red shoes to take some looks to the next level as I know it would look amazing.

A New Red Dress

My old red dress is now unfortunately way too big for me, so I'm on the lookout for the perfect red dress to take it's place. I love anything vintage inspired, so I'm definitely looking for one along those lines. I just love how confident I feel in red.

So there it is, my Christmas Wishlist. Not as much makeup as I would have thought, but a lot of other stuff. What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year if you celebrate? and if you don't celebrate what is on your general wish list?


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