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Seasonally Confused

One of the biggest struggles I find with being an Australian blogger is what to do with seasonal content.
I find that everywhere I look right now I am seeing Summer content but Summer seems so far away, as we have just hit Winter. This is where my dilemma as a blogger comes in. Do I post content for the opposite season, as that seems to be what readers are looking for? or do I post content for the season I'm in & sacrifice the chance to potentially reach new readers & grow my blog? 
While posting Summer content in Winter is definitely possible, especially where I live, but the idea of posting Winter content in Summer has me sweating just from the thought. 
I find this year I'm even more seasonally confused, having just come back from the UK where Spring is colder than our Autumn. I seem to never post Autumn content, as it just seems to jump from Summer to Winter where I live with basically no actual transition (which my skin is hating right now).  
How do other Austral…

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