My Dream Christmas Wish List

In this post I am going to cover what I wish I was getting for Christmas, if the people who were buying me presents had unlimited funds. Unfortunately they don't, so these items will just stay on my wish list.

Self Portrait Tiered Paneled Guipure Lace Dress

I am absolutely in love with the style of the Self Portrait clothing, and honestly want almost everything by the brand. This particular dress however is in one of my favourite colours, and is lace which I also absolutely love.

Chloe Drew Bag

This makes everything else on this wish list look affordable and within reach in comparison. This light pink colour is currently one of my favourite colours, and I just want everything in it. I also love the shape and size of this, I usually prefer smaller bags on a daily basis. The gold hardware is absolutely beautiful paired with the pink.

Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 2 Luxury Set & Complete Eye Set

Under a technicality these are pretty cheap per brush, so really almost go into the affordable category. The colour of the Rose Golden Vol. 2 is absolutely beautiful. I actually have very few brushes, so really need to get a bigger collection as I barely have enough to do my face daily. I have heard great things about Zoeva brushes, and as I love the colour I think these sets would be a fantastic addition to my currently tiny brush collection.

YSL Mon Paris Perfume

Every time I go in to somewhere that sells this I spray the tester on myself, and then put it back as I can't afford it. I just love the smell so much and really wish I could afford it. Also the bottle is absolutely beautiful and I know it would look great on my vanity/ desk.

Kitten D'amour Tiffany Coat in Mint

I know its summer in Australia, but I just love this coat. I've actually been lusting after it since August and every day that it remains in stock it is just getting harder to resist. The colour is gorgeous, and it has such beautiful details. It is also very warm which would be great in winter. I'm pretty certain this coat will one day be mine, as long as it stays in stock just a little longer.

Windsor Smith Latte in Seashell

I actually know I will have to purchase these shortly, as all my current sandals are either broken or are slowly on their way out. I tried these on the other day, and believe me they are super comfortable which for me is one of the most important things with shoes. Although I usually go for black in shoes, this colour was just calling my name.

So that is my dream wish list of things I wish I was getting for Christmas. Hopefully a couple of things will be added to my life in the next year but some things I know won't (the Chloe bag).



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