Grilled Vegetable Pie

Today I have a different post from my usual beauty posts, a recipe. I'm not sure whether I'm going to post recipes often but I was feeling like posting this today. This recipe was originally made up by my mum, she is great at just making up recipes off the top of her head.

Part 1


I personally made my own pastry out of spelt flour by following a simple shortcrust pasty recipe, but you can use pre made shortcrust pastry or make it with a flour of your preference (that works for pastry).

If making the pastry, allow it to cool while making the filling. The crust does not have to be pre cooked prior to adding the filling.

Also preheat the oven to 180 C at this point.

Part 2



½ Red Onion
6 Button Mushrooms (approx)
½ Eggplant
1 Zucchini
1 Capsicum  


  1. Slice the mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini & capsicum, and dice the red onion.
  2. Heat a pan, adding some butter.
  3. Add the mushrooms & onion, sautee until onion is soft.
  4. Place to the side.
  5. Grill the remaining vegetables until soft in batches,  also placing to the side when cooked. 
Part 3

Assembly & Topping


Ricotta (approx ½ tub)
Tasty Cheese


  1. Remove pastry from fridge, and put in pie tin.
  2. Assemble the vegetables into the pastry. (The order I placed them was: mushroom & onion, zucchini, eggplant and the capsicum)
  3. Spread the ricotta over the top of the pie, making sure it is quite evenly covered.
  4. Sprinkle tasty cheese over the top.
  5. Place in the oven for approx 30 minutes, until crust is cooked. 
  6. If pastry is not cooked, place back in oven for another 5 mins. Continue until it is cooked.
This pie is brilliant served either hot or cold.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post, I should be back with a beauty post in a few days. (If these clouds go away so I can photograph). 


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