On My Bathroom Sink

Today I have decided to do an overview of my bathroom sink, and the products on it. I won't be going in depth on the products as I am leaving that for my skincare routine & review post. My entire room is finally coming together and I'm going to do posts on each area, and I decided the first area would be my bathroom. So lets continue this post and see what is on my bathroom sink.

On the left hand side of my sink, I keep my commonly used skincare (and my deodorant). My current everyday skincare is the Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Cleanser, the Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturiser and a SPF (either the La Roche Posay Anthelios or the Mecca Cosmetica SPF which are both 50+). I then have my more weekly skincare, the Organi Peel, the Swisse Manuka Honey Mask, and samples of the Origins Out of Trouble and Clear Improvements Masks. I also have my Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner and my deodorant on this side.

On the right hand side of my sink I have a little bit of a rose gold theme. I have my tooth brush holder (from Pillowtalk here in Australia) which obviously holds my toothbrush (from Colgate if you need to know) and my toothpaste (Colgate Optic White, been using it for years). I also have my Mecca Cosmetica tinted lip balm in Rose, which I love for everyday wear especially when wearing minimal makeup. I find this lip balm very hydrating and definitely makes my lips not be quite as dry (I think they'll always be sort of dry). I also keep my brow brush and spoolie on my sink is because I have very unruly brows that need taming.

I also have my hand wash on my sink, I would have a more attractive holder but I happen to be addicted to foaming hand wash which doesn't work in the pretty holders. I usually just buy it in the large bottles for refills as it is quite a bit cheaper, and I've just used the original bottle.

So that is everything that is kept on my bathroom sink.
Until next time


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