Seasonally Confused

One of the biggest struggles I find with being an Australian blogger is what to do with seasonal content.

I find that everywhere I look right now I am seeing Summer content but Summer seems so far away, as we have just hit Winter. This is where my dilemma as a blogger comes in. Do I post content for the opposite season, as that seems to be what readers are looking for? or do I post content for the season I'm in & sacrifice the chance to potentially reach new readers & grow my blog? 

While posting Summer content in Winter is definitely possible, especially where I live, but the idea of posting Winter content in Summer has me sweating just from the thought. 

I find this year I'm even more seasonally confused, having just come back from the UK where Spring is colder than our Autumn. I seem to never post Autumn content, as it just seems to jump from Summer to Winter where I live with basically no actual transition (which my skin is hating right now).  

How do other Australian & southern hemisphere bloggers go about planning their content with the opposite seasons? And readers, do you prefer that content matches the season you are in? and if so, what season are you currently in? 


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