Life Update: Where I've Been & What I've Been Doing

Wow! Has the last month been insane. So here is an update on things that have happened in the month since late March.

In late March I drove to Brisbane to get my mum's car serviced, and I had a couple of free days in Brisbane. When down there I went to the Queensland Museum to the current Ancient Egypt exhibit (on loan from the British Museum) with my friend Bella. It was a great exhibit, and I had a great day with Bella even if I had to leave earlier than I wanted to in order to drive back home. The following day was actually my cat's 3rd birthday which obviously was a big deal for me as he is my baby boy.

Then things started to go a bit downhill, my brother ended up with appendicitis and had to get his appendix removed. Of course with him being him, he has had problems with infection from the surgery ever since.

Now, that was actually the least bad thing that happened. I can see the expressions on everyone's face, how is appendicitis the least bad thing, well get strapped in because things get crazy from here. Now, pretty much the next week we were back in the hospital this time for my mum. My mum ended up having a TIA, which is basically a mini stroke, it was terrifying seeing my mum being unable to speak or walk properly. Thankfully the symptoms have resolved and my mum is back to normal, but it was such a scary experience (and a good learning experience as a nursing student).

I think I would count that as the most terrifying experience until only a week and a half later. Well you know that car that I drove across the state to get serviced only a month earlier, well I lost control and crashed it into a pole. It is actually scary how only 2 seconds of distraction from a GPS can end so very badly. Seeing the condition of the car, it is shocking that I am alive & mostly unharmed. I feel as if no one ever really talks about the mental impact of being in a car crash, even if physically you are fine, and it's definitely been a struggle for me. It's been over a week and I still don't really feel like myself.

So now I have to hit the ground running to get assignments finished before I fly off to the UK in only a week and a half. So that is going to be pretty crazy. I am currently so excited for the trip and just want to get these assignments done and be in holiday mode because I am needing it.

So that's the craziness that has been my life, hopefully the saying of bad things coming in threes is true and we get a little break from the world trying to kill us (but not succeeding).


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