Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette

Wow! Another post just about an Hourglass palette. I can't help it as the Hourglass palettes, especially the holiday ones, are just so gorgeous. So let's get into a post where I just go on about how beautiful this is.

Anyone who is familiar with Hourglass products would know, that while the rest of the powder products are absolutely gorgeous the highlighters just fall a bit short. Given this I wasn't originally that excited upon hearing that they were releasing a highlight palette within the Holiday release. Well then the reviews came in; next thing all I'm hearing is how gorgeous the palette is & that it isn't like the original highlight formula at all. Well now I was thoroughly intrigued by this palette & wanted to try it. I originally thought there would be no way I could afford the palette but upon getting money for Christmas I knew exactly what I was spending it on. Thankfully upon arrival this palette didn't disappoint.

The Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette is a limited edition Holiday palette that houses 3 of the new & currently exclusive to the palette, Metallic Strobe Lighting Powders. I find these a beautiful metallic, not glittery, highlight that can give a natural sheen or be built up to be an intense highlight. As with most Hourglass powders it is housed in gorgeous metallic packaging, this time a beautiful silver.

The 3 powders inside are; a pink tone, Lucent Strobe Light, a light gold, Pure Strobe Light & a bronze, Absolute Strobe Light. The first 2 work incredibly well on my fair skin & even Absolute Strobe Light can work with a light hand or as a shimmery bronzer. In my opinion, the colours within cover most bases when it comes to neutral toned highlighters especially for those with a more light/medium complexion.

I definitely feel like I'm going to get a lot of use out of this palette, and I know that it will be the only highlight I bring with me for travel. I'm definitely excited to use this product more, and think it will be a much loved addition to my makeup collection. Hourglass, why do your products have to be so amazing & beautiful but so very, very expensive? 


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