Spring Lipstick Edit

As an Australian I often feel like I'm writing blog posts at the wrong end of the year, sometimes I think I should swap my posts around to match the majority of the world but I think I'm going to keep with what I'm wearing now and that means Spring themed posts (although where I live we skip over Spring straight to Summer).

Although I mostly just wear the makeup which I feel like wearing, when it's cold I tend to not wear my super bright lipsticks and instead go towards darker colours, so when the warmer weather starts I am dying to bring out my bright colours. Here is a collection of some of my Spring favourites.

MAC Show Orchid

Just realised this lipstick is probably 3 years old, oops. It still smells & applies the same as when it was new so I guess it's ok. Anyway this was my first MAC lipstick, I definitely didn't go with some safe colour option. Show Orchid is an amplified finish, so is intensely pigmented, quite long lasting & not at all drying. It is probably my most worn blue-based pink. 

Urban Decay Checkmate

Another bright pink but this one definitely leans more on the warm & orange side of things. Although this type of colour can make your teeth look slightly yellow, there is something about them that I love. I just find that they bring life back to my rather pale face. This lipstick & the next are both in Urban Decay's matte formula, which is one of my favourite lipstick formulas.

Urban Decay Tilt

A red lip is kind of my signature look, I'm not sure why but it just happened to come about one day & just stuck. In the warmer months I am more likely to reach for an orange red such as Tilt, over my cooler & darker reds.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Famous Red

I forgot this in the flatly, but I remembered it in the swatches. Another red lipstick, I do love them. Famous Red however is more of a coral red, seeming to be pink, orange & red all at once. I do find the Velvet Matte Pencils a little drying but I just love this colour too much to let that bother me.
L to R: Famous Red, Checkmate, Tilt & Show Orchid

Honourable Mentions

Nars Audacious in Annabella- My signature red & most often worn lipstick year round
Nars Power Matte Lip Pigment in Light My Fire- The lipstick which may overtake Annabella to being my new signature colour.

What lipsticks do you like wearing in the warmer seasons? Are bright lipsticks your thing or do you prefer more muted tones?



  1. I'm so jealous you're going into summer right now! Winter hasn't even started but I'm already sick of it! These lipsticks look really pretty though :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I've always been a winter person, so I'm jealous of everyone going into winter & anyone who gets a real winter as where I live we get only a couple of weeks of cold. Although I do love spring lipsticks x


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