September Favourites & October Outlook

September Favourites

1. My Favorite Murder Live Show
As I'm sure many people know, especially those who follow my twitter or know me in real life, this was the event I was looking forward to for so long. After all that build up and excitement it still managed to beat all my very high expectations. I met many amazing Murderinos, the show was epic and meeting Karen, Georgia & Steven was just the icing on the very amazing cake that was that weekend. Karen & Georgia are as nice and genuine in real life as you would imagine from the podcast. I also had a great conversation with Steven about Dinosaurs & Cats. I might be a bit of a fangirl (also note last weeks episode which is Live at the Comedy Theatre, I was there, I am one of the screaming people, that is all)

2. Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum & C-Firma Day Serum
Ok, now that I've finished having my fangirl moment (oops) on with the actual beauty things. Now I must admit I didn't want to love these products, as they are so damn expensive but I do. I've been using them consistently since mid-July and my skin hasn't been better. It looks brighter and I'm not breaking out any where near as much as I was (even with travelling and being in different climates).

3. Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow in Kitten Karma
Never in my life did I think I would use a liquid glitter shadow quite as much as I use this one. It just makes glitter so easy. If I'm going for a full out glam look I use this all over the lid at full opacity,  for a slightly less glam look I pat it on the inner third of my eye more sheerly. There is just something I love so much about the colour as well.

4. My Cat
Is this super cheesy? Probably, I don't care though as I really do love this little guy. He in reality is a life favourite and I should just put him in this post every month. After living away from him for such a very long time I am loving actually being able to see him every day. He is such a loving little boy who always wants pats and seems to never stop purring which makes me so happy.

5. Maroon or Striped Clothing
Honestly if you had of told me 6 months ago that I would love wearing stripes I would have laughed at you. I used to hate stripes but recently I have been loving them. I mean I own like 5 striped shirts, which for someone who owns only 7 shirts is a lot. Another clothing love this month has been maroon clothing, maroon has always been a staple in my wardrobe but recently I've been loving it even more.

October Outlook

1. My 21st Birthday
I'm in 2 minds about this, on one hand I know 21 is nowhere near old but on the other I feel like I should have my life more together by now. I feel as if everyone around me has there life together but I'm still sitting here with no clue what I'm doing. I guess that a lot of people probably go through having that feeling especially in their 20s. I won't be having my real party until after the move to Melbourne but that should be super fun.

2. End of University Term
With the end of term comes a lot of pressure with exams & assignments but after that I will be having a break from studying. Usually I study over the summer semester but this year I have decided to have it off & have a little break.

3. Moving to Melbourne
I am such a big mix of excited & terrified about this, it is such a huge move but I also absolutely love Melbourne & the new opportunities that this will bring. I'm obviously not looking forward to the physical move which is probably one of my least favourite things in the world.

So that is my September Favourites and October Outlook, hopefully the move and everything goes smoothly so I can keep to my loose blog schedule of posting at least once a week. Fingers crossed.


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