September Outlook

Finally it is September, the month I have been waiting for. No it's not my birthday month, but something big is happening so let's get on with the post.

My Favorite Murder Live Show

This is it, it's finally time for what I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for: THE MFM LIVE SHOW. Yes, technically I got the tickets in late July but it feels the longest month & a bit in my life. I am just that excited! And yes, I do have Meet & Greet tickets because that's just the kind of person I am.

Melbourne Trip

So this kind of ties in with the first thing as I am going to Melbourne for the live show but there is more reasons why I'm excited about this. For one, I get to see one of my best friends who I haven't seen in over a year. I'm also going to go shopping, so expect many a haul.


University is really starting to get pretty intense, I have 3 assignments due in the next 2 weeks. So this might not be the ideal time to be going on holiday (still am though). Thankfully after then I have my midterm (but not in the middle of the term) break. I'm hoping I can get most of the work done before I leave for Melbourne.


I really still need to unpack from the move as my room is still in shambles. I'm hoping after my trip to grab some shelves which means I should be able to mostly complete things.

Start of Spring

Although I'm honestly a cold weather person, I do like the warmer weather as it means I can go swimming without freezing. I'm also looking forward to more beach trips with the dogs.

Getting Fitter

So as well as getting back to swimming, I'm hoping this month to be able to get a gym membership and be able to go back to working out more. I personally love the gym for working out, so this is really exciting.

September is looking to shape up to be another quite busy month but hopefully run more smoothly than the past couple from the move. How is your September shaping up? I hope it will be a good month for everyone.



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