Lush Haul

If you can believe it, I only found Lush around a year and a half ago. I know that sounds kind of ridiculous but my home town definitely does not have a Lush store. Honestly that may have been a good thing as I have spent way too much money on Lush for myself and others. Although when buying for others I often go with the "one for you, one for me" mentality which is exactly what happened with this haul, or as its alternate name is: What I got Mum for Mothers Day.

Pink Custard

I’ll admit the colour is what attracted me to this product; it is just such a gorgeous colour. Although the shower jellies are not the most practical of items, I thought it would be quite fun to try. The lavender sent is great for relaxation and I can see myself loving it at the end of long days.

Over & Over

Over & Over is my favourite Lush bath bomb to date although there is a lot I haven’t yet tried. I just love everything; from it’s citrus scent to the wonderful patterns it makes in my bath (also, spoiler, it is pink on the inside).


Reasons to buy this: It smells like Fanta! I mean that’s reason enough to buy it but in case you needed more convincing, it is also quite moisturising as it contains murumuru butter and I mean it’s bright orange which just invokes happiness.

So that is all for this rather small haul from Lush. I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums out there (in Australia it is Mother's Day on Sunday, I know it is different in other countries)



  1. I actually haven't seen the pink custard at lush before, looks like such a great buy. Major fan of lush products..

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I think it may have been part of the limited edition collection for Mother's Day, I always end up loving the limited edition products and hoping they come back the following year.


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