Autumnal Nails

Having my nails painted and looking nice always makes me feel all that more put together even when I'm anything but.  Although I really don't believe that what you wear, especially makeup, should be dictated by the season but I have been loving some of the more traditional Autumnal colours lately. So here is the nail colours that I have been loving lately.

Sally Hansen Winter Sky & Berry Important

Winter Sky is one of the more unique shades in my nail polish collection, it is a very light grey almost an off-white. It definitely isn't a stereotypical Autumnal colour but I find that the cool grey tone just gives off wintery vibes to me. 

Berry Important is definitely one of the more stereotypical colours for this weather but I love it none the less. I find it is more of a pink-fuschia toned berry and is brighter than a lot of other berry polishes. I find that the brightness makes it more wearable for year round, although it definitely always draws attention. 

OPI Malaga Wine & Cinnamon Sweet

Malaga Wine was one of my first forays into the world of deeper wine toned reds and I absolutely love it. I find that although it is dark it definitely still has a more professional adult feeling compared to other deeper colours. I think red is one of those colours that can look fun & flirty as well as professional which is why red tones are such a staple for me.

I feel bad talking (again) about Cinnamon Sweet as it is actually now discontinued (wait while I cry for 10 years). However you can sometimes find it in clearance stores etc. If you happen upon it, I'm telling you right now to grab it as you will not regret it. Although definitely not as dark as Malaga Wine it still has a bit of deepness which I just love. It's like deep nails for those scared of deep nails. Also this is shade worn by Peggy Carter in Captain America & Agent Carter so what better reason to get it.

Essie Chinchilly & A Cut Above

These are the newest additions to my Autumn nail wardrobe but have quickly become firm favourites. Chinchilly is a rather popular colour (or I remember hearing a lot about it a while ago). It is a grey which seems to have some mauve & brown tones in it and I've seen it look very different but still beautiful on other people compared to how it looks on me. 

A Cut Above is a beautiful rose gold glitter, definitely leaning more heavily towards rose rather than gold. It is a beautiful glitter that looks amazing over many different base polishes, including Chinchilly which I've been pairing it with lately. I love glitter polish in general and think this one is a wonderful addition to my collection. 

So those are my current nail favourites for the cooler months, and will most likely will be loving for quite awhile. Until my next post



  1. We're coming up to Spring here, but I love Autumnal colours on nails! You've got a stunning collection!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thankyou. I love Spring nails as well, actually kind of excited for Spring even though I love Winter.


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