20 Facts About Me.

I was tagged to do this on Instagram, and decided to post it here instead.

1. I am currently studying to be a primary school teacher, and really want to teach lower primary.

2. I had a terrible overbite and crooked teeth when I was younger and got bullied because of them. I have since had braces and plates but I still don't smile with my mouth open that much. (Even though my teeth are near perfect)

3. I really like 50s style clothing and want to build a larger wardrobe of that style of clothing.

4. I have 1 younger brother who is 2 and a half years younger, although we now get mistaken for twins or people think he is the older sibling.

5. I used to hate my curly hair, but now it is one of my favourite things about myself.

6. I'm pretty certain my cat Bucky thinks I'm his actual mother. (His real mother did leave the kittens with me to care for quite a lot)

7. I love both science and history, and read up on them in my spare time.

8. My favourite colours are purple, mint green and copper.

9. I only started really getting interested in makeup about a year and a half ago. Prior to that I just had a couple of products which would be replaced when I ran out.

10. However I started wearing makeup when I was 12 and first entered high school.

11. My dream job would be in archaeology although I love teaching as well.

12. I have always had an affinity with animals and even ones which people have claimed don't like many people have liked me.

13. I am shorter and have smaller feet than all my immediate family members. My shoes are always easy to find though as they are so much smaller.

14. I live in Queensland (Australia) but the majority of my family live in Victoria.

15. I have allergies to several things: including strawberries, beef protein and keratin.

16. I love action movies and always have. I also love comedies.

17. I love singing and also write songs although I have terrible stage fright.

18. I have always wanted to travel the world and can't wait until I have the money to do so.

19. I have been mistaken as having both a English and New Zealand accent.

20. Red lipstick is my favourite to wear as it makes me more confident.

The End

p.s. I am working on a couple of reviews right now, so keep your eyes out for those.


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