July To-Do List

I kind of can't believe that it's halfway through the year, I mean I literally thought it was actually still 2017 the other day. I know this is a little late and July is half gone but this is a super busy month for me, so lets get on with it.

Packing to Move & Moving
So guess who is moving back to the city? Me obviously. Although with the excitement comes one of my least favourite things, packing. Currently we are most likely a week out from the move (I'm inspecting units this weekend, so hopefully one of them is the one), and I have most of my stuff away but still feels like a lot to go.

Get Outside More
As we are down to one car at home, I often can't get outside and do much. This has left me often feeling a bit stir crazy. When I move I will have sole use of my car again which when I do I intend to make full use of it and get out of the house more often.

Starting University Semester 2
Semester 2 of university starts on Monday, and this semester I will be an on campus student which I am very excited for. I am looking forward to being able to meet new people and get out of the house. I am intending to get everything ready for the semester this weekend, as I am trying to get ahead and on track to make the semester easier.

This month is definitely going to be busy, but I'm looking forward to the move and the opportunities that come with it. 


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