My Carry On Essentials

Now when it comes to travelling I am definitely not an expert. I've only been overseas once and even that was only a short flight. So while I may not be an expert in long haul flights, I can tell you I am an expert in short domestic flights. My family all live an 8 hour drive or a 1- 1 and a half hour flight away from me, so the flight between these 2 places is something I am quite familiar with.

A book (or two)

I can not travel anywhere without a book, I even take one on the bus with me, so it is definitely essential I have one when going on flights. I am a paper book lover, so I personally take paper books with me. However if you need to conserve space or weight I would definitely suggest using a Kindle, iPad or other device to read your books. Due to some run of bad luck, my flights are almost always delayed so hours waiting at the airport is just part of the whole thing. Obviously hours waiting can be quite boring so something to do is definitely welcome.


This isn't really a necessity, but as it is something I have on me at most times I thought I would mention it. Obviously this can take the place of a book, but obviously can be used for more things. I don't think I really need to go into what an iPad can do as I am sure people are probably aware.

Water Bottle

I personally take a water bottle with me almost everywhere (completely serious) so obviously I would have to take it with my on a flight. Purchasing water can add up to be very expensive, especially in airports. I know for international flights you can not take water (or any liquid) through security but it is always an option to take through an empty bottle and fill it on the other side.


Living in a sunny country I personally take sunglasses with me everywhere even if it appears overcast. I personally find there is nothing worse than having to squint at everything as the sun is too bright.

Lip Balm

Like many people my lips and skin can get horribly dry from being on a flight. My lips get hit by this especially bad, so I like to have lip balm with me to reapply during the flight so my lips don't turn into the sahara desert.

Those are my essentials in my carry on luggage

(note anything I say about luggage restrictions is for current Australian domestic guidelines, check within your own country before packing.)


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