Welcome back to my blog,

Today I have my empties post. I've actually been putting off this post as I keep wanting to finish more products. But I've decided to just post it with the products I have used up, and include more in depth reviews. 

Redken Extreme Conditioner

My hairdresser recommended this shampoo and conditioner when I originally started to go blonde. I honestly really love this range. Despite my hair being bleached a lot to get from my previous bright red hair to blonde, it is actually softer than it has ever been previously. The conditioner is probably my favourite out of the 2 but I do love the shampoo as well (although I don't go through it as quick as I swap it out with a purple shampoo). I have already repurchased it and probably will continue to for quite a while.

Essano Rosehip Micellar Water

I honestly didn't really use this product much, as I happened to drop the bottle which caused me to lose most of the product. I just use micellar waters to remove my makeup before going in with my skincare routine. I did use this a few times and it did remove my makeup quite well. I also ended up using it to clean my makeup brushes which worked quite well, although it does weirdly foam. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but I might if it is on sale and therefore the cheapest. 

Loreal Brow Artist Plumper in Transparent & Light Medium

I have been using the Loreal Brow Artist Plumper for about a year, and do really like it. The Transparent is great for if I don't want to add any colour to my brows, and I used this mostly when I had red hair as it didn't change the colour of my brow powder. The Light Medium I like to use either after filling in my brows, or just on its own as I have naturally have quite full brows. I currently have not repurchased either of these as I am in love with my Benefit Gimme Brow, but I may buy them again in the future.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

This is my current holy grail mascara. I just love how it makes my lashes look. It has a natural bristle wand which I find works best for my lashes. The only thing I didn't like is that I can't use up the entire full size before it goes bad and starts to hurt my eyes. I have repurchased in the smaller size, so that I will be able to use it before it goes off. 

Those are my current empties, and now I can finally actually throw them away. Until next time


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