My High School Makeup

The High School Makeup (Challenge/Tag) has been going around on YouTube and on blogs, and I decided I will show you the vaguely embarrassing makeup I wore in high school. I started high school in 2009, the very early days of beauty YouTube and did watch some videos but I'm not sure if that really helped. I do know I dreamed of having MAC products because thats what the bloggers had. In 2011 I changed to a school where I couldn't wear makeup so there is little pictures of my makeup from 2011-2013, and for some reason it wasn't till late 2013 that I started taking selfies. 

Anyway, on with my high school makeup. 

I'm mainly focusing on my early high school makeup, as that is what I clearly remember and was when I wore more makeup. 
A very typical 2010 makeup look


My foundation was a couple of shades too dark, but honestly it wasn't as bad as it could be. I generally did wear the lightest yellow undertoned shade, which is pretty close to what I am. As I'm fair, drugstore foundations are usually too dark so these were the closest shades I could get.

As with everyone in 2009, I obviously owned a matte mousse foundation. I used the Loreal Matte Morphose (if I remember the name correctly), although as it was pretty high coverage I didn't use it everyday and sometimes did just use it as concealer (on blemishes, I didn't cover these eye bags). I'm pretty certain I used the colour Golden Ivory, which was the second lightest shade. I remember I badly wanted to try this when it was new, so didn't care that the lightest shade wasn't available and got it anyway. (The lightest shade was probably way too pink for me anyway).

My second foundation that I think was the one I used most days was the Revlon ColourStay Natural, which is a lighter coverage version of the traditional ColourStay, honestly I loved this as it would last all day and didn't feel absolutely horrible on my face. I used the colour Buff, which is the lightest available in Australia. 

I also on top of these used a powder foundation, which some days was all I wore as base makeup depending on how my skin was. I used the Loreal True Match Minerals in W1. I know I went through a few of these which when looking at the price, I feel sorry for the amount my mum had to pay. (Not sure whether prices have gone up but a lot of these prices are crazy expensive in Australia) 


The last complexion product I used was blush (I wasn't part of the overly bronzed look that was quite prevalent at the time). I don't know the name of the actual blush, as it was ancient and used to be my mums. It was from Maybelline though, and even in 2009 it was discontinued as it was so old.


I think everyone had these quads back in 2009/10, and honestly they are pretty damn good except the lack of matte shades. These aren't available in Australia anymore, but they are available in the US and maybe Canada. I had 5 of these, Give Me Gold, Sapphire Siren, Pink Persuasion, Legendary Lilac and Copper Chic. Give Me Gold was definitely my most used, and I had substantial pan on the second shade. I did also have a Revlon quad in Blushed Wines, which is definitely discontinued which is sad as I loved it. I think I also hit pan on the second shade. I also kept using it when it was almost impossible to get the shadow onto the brush, and the packaging was destroyed.


My first ever mascara was the Covergirl Exact Eyelights in Blackened Sapphire, my mum loved black blue mascaras, so obviously thats what I got. I think this is the most standard mascara ever, it doesn't do particularly much. It's main thing was that it enhanced blue eyes (which I have).

My second mascara was the Loreal Lash Architect 4D, which claims to pretty much do everything for your lashes. I loved this and used it for about 5 years, but I don't particularly like it anymore. For some reason it no longer agrees with my lashes.


My main lip product I used was lipgloss, my favourite most worn was the Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Snog. This formula doesn't exist, but this colour still exists in the new formula. I wore so much of this, I piled it on. I think I went through at least 2 tubes. I did have a few other shades, Cosmic which was more brown (both my mum and I wore this one), and I think Bedazzled which is a more reddish shade (I'm not certain of the name though. I also owned a couple of clear glosses. (Also pretty much all my most worn lip glosses were Rimmel.)

In 2012 my obsession with bright lipstick started. My first ever bright lipstick was the Covergirl in Hot which I got because I loved Taylor Swift and at that time she was a Covergirl and wore this lipstick. I later bought Spellbound which probably ended up my most used, and I had put a considerable dent in it before I threw it away (only this year, I was holding onto them for sentimental reasons). 

Me on the right wearing Spellbound (and a lack of mascara)
Anyway that concludes my high school makeup. I think I've always loved makeup and did have a larger collection than lots of people did at that time. I hope you enjoyed this retelling and reminiscing of my high school makeup, and the vaguely embarrassing photos. 

Until next time


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