A Life Update

Hey everyone, 
As you may have noticed I have been absent from here for quite a while. My life has been very hectic the past months and this post explains why I've been missing. 

In early May I was accepted into university to do the degree I wanted to do (Forensic Science), this meant I had to move across the state as it isn't a degree available at what was my local university. As anyone who has moved long distances would know, this is quite a struggle and requires a lot of planning. 

In June I ended up moving, this was quite a struggle for me. I have a chronic disease (fibromyalgia) as well as occasionally quite bad depression. Moving caused a flare in both of those. Where I currently live is about an 8 hour drive from my mum's house and my hometown, as someone who is so used to having my family close it was quite a big shock to live without them. 

Although university is currently very stressful I feel as though I am finally starting to settle in to my new house, and my health is getting back on track. 

I hope this post cleared up why I haven't been around but I'm hoping from now on I can be more consistent with posting. 

- Bec

(I'm planning on doing a post soon about my chronic disease experience shortly, its just a hard one to write)


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