Too Faced Chocolate Bon-Bons: Review

First I would like to say sorry for not posting, university has just started back up and I may not have expected it to be as busy as it has been (I've also gone away twice, and have had some family issues). Anyway lets get on with the post.

I know this palette has been released for quite a while now (especially in America), so this review may seem pointless but I really wanted to get a feel for and use the palette for a while.


I personally love the packaging of this, even though I understand that the pink and hearts probably isn’t for everything. I think the pale pink is beautiful, and I find isn’t overly childish. Obviously the packaging especially how it looks isn’t overly important but is always an added bonus. The packaging comes with a mirror and is made of sturdy metal, both of which make this ideal for travel.

A definite upgrade from the first Chocolate Bar palette (well the edition of it I have) is the addition of the names being printed on the tin. I know the Semi-Sweet and newer editions of the Chocolate Bar palette do have them printed on it but I still had to mention it because it excited me so much.

Eye shadows:

Now onto the actual important part of the product, the actual eye shadows. The eye shadows are predominantly cool toned, which I personally love as I was needing more cool tones in my collection. It does contain a few pops of colour, which are fun (even though I haven’t used them yet).

 The eye shadows are smooth and pigmented but are not over-pigmented so are still easy to use for beginners. They are also very easy to blend, and don’t jump or skip when blending out.


L-R Almond Truffle, Satin Sheets, Sprinkles, Molasses Chip, Malted

L-R Cashew Chew, Cotton Candy, Cafe Au Lait, Bordeaux, Mocha,  Black Currant

L-R Dark Truffle, Pecan Praline, Totally Fetch, Earl Grey, Divinity

Until next time- Bec 


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